Welcome to Eclipse Rocketry

Eclipse Rocketry was a family run business,however Eclipse Rocketry has ceased Trading, Roy will maintain the website as it has usefull information for Rocketry enthusiasts, Roy is still a Firework operative but working through one ot the UK big firework companies Fully Fused Fireworks. Roy is still an IT Consultant working through umbrella companies.

IT Consultancy Service

Our senior consultant has 31 years of IT experience, with excelent knowledge in Microsoft operating systems. He has been part of teams developing some of the UKs largest IT solutions for companies including EDS, Hewlet Packard, Fujitsu with many end clients in differing areas, and has automated the deployment of OS's and applications to both servers and workstations using scripting skills and packaging via HPCA.

Certified Firework Firer

We have a BPA certified Level 2 firework operative and offer firework display operations to firework companies in the UK and abroad having worked for some of the biggest names in fireworks.

Model Rocket Hybrid Motors

We manufacture to order MicroHybrid rocket motors, we were the first company to offer pre-manufactured MicroHybrid rocket motor to the public, before this people would need access to a lathe to make their own. We have been making these for over 16 years and have customers worldwide.

This new page is a re-write of the old hpr.org.uk pages with usefull scientific formulas and explanations that are usefull to understand Rockets from the basics of Newtons Laws to more complicated equations used to design motors and predict their performance. The old HPR.ORG.UK web site contained a lot of out of date information that has now been archived, if you are looking for any of the old information and cant find it please contact us.

Information on this page can be used for educational purposes as long as this site is credited, the contents of this site can not be copied without our permission to other websites or for commercial gain.